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Our Analysis Projects by Industry

Local Municipal Water Resource Authority Projects
State Highway Department Projects
Gas Piping Projects

PVC Piping Projects
Polymer Projects

Insurance Company Projects
Law Firm Projects

Local Municipal Water Resource Authority Projects

Evaluation Of Corrosion On Odor Control Stacks
Degradation Of Coating On Concrete Tank
Analysis Of Fractured Hanger Rod From the Odor Control Facility
Analysis Of Gas Membrane From Sludge & Gas Storage Tank To Determine Cause Of Leaks In Seams & Other Membrane Areas
Root Cause Failure Analysis Of Linkage Tension Pins (Roll Pins) From Check Valve #6
Analysis Of Drive Chains & Drive Sprockets In Primary Clarifiers To Determine Cause Of Degradation & Recommend Solutions That Would Increase Life Of Mechanical Components
Corrosion Analysis Of Ductile Iron Pipe Victaulic Fitting To Determine the Extent & Cause Of Corrosion
Failure Analysis Of Shaft From Disinfection Basin Mixer
Degradation Of Carbon Absorber Tank To Identify Factors Causing Corrosion & Failure Of Tank
Failure Analysis Of Gravity Thickener Gear Reducer Shaft

Corrosion Analysis Of Secondary Tip Tube Forks & Guide Brackets
Analysis Of Seat Material for Suitability To Be Used With Digester Gas System Valves
Analysis Of Particulates & Wear Present On Digester Gas System Valve Seats
Analysis Of Section Of 20-Inch Hot Water Pipe
Analysis Of Cracked End Ring From North Main Pumping Station Motor #7 At DITP
Analysis Of Failed RSL Pump Shaft In Deer Island Treatment Plant
Analysis Of Copper Corrosion Rate Coupons Inside DPU Enclosures In Screening Building Of Gravimetry Thickener Complex DITP
Analysis Of Failed Link Bars From Zurn Boiler Unit 101
Inspection Of Lined Steel Tank Used for Sodium Hypochlorite Storage
Analysis Of 304 SS Drive Chain Segment From the Primary Clarifier
Analysis Of Cracked Pipe & Flange
Analysis Of Zurn Boiler & Dump Condenser Debris Samples


State Highway Department Projects

Analysis Of Fallen Street Lights From Revere
Cracked Column On I-93 Double-Deck
Analysis Of Failed Mast Arm Holding a Sign On a Highway
Analysis Of Fractured Connection Plates for Bridge #F-02-059 (3TA) In Fall River-Route 79 Ramp

Analysis Of 410 Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Screws Used for Highway Side Fences
Analysis Of Fractured Mast Arm Clamp From Signal Bracket Assembly
Anchor Bolt Testing Of Uni-Strut


Gas Piping Projects

Underground Gas Pipe Broke & Explosion Occurred
Analysis Of Failed Gas Pipe
Analysis Of Ruptured Gas Service Line From Canterbury Street, Hingham, MA
Analysis Of Failed 8" Welded Gas Pipe
Gas Pipes Analysis Involved In Explosion At Laundromat
Analysis Of Jurisdictional Gas Piping & Appurtenances Removed From Hopkinton, MA

Analysis Of Failed 30-Inch Cast Iron Water Main From Hudson Street, Boston, MA
Analysis Of 6-Inch Cast Iron Gas Main, Lewiston Main
Analysis Of Fractured 6-Inch Cast Iron Gas Main From Franklin Street, Somerville, MA


PVC Piping Projects

Test & Evaluate CPVC Plastic Pipe
Investigation Of PVC Conduit Breakage
Analysis Of Failed CPVC Piping
Analysis Of Discolored White PVC Wire Material
Analysis Of Cracked CPVC Elbow Joint Section

Analysis Of PVC Tubing for Stearates
Analysis Of Cracked PVC Coupling From the Penney Property, Polyethylene
Analysis Of Zuckerman Property Water Pipe


Polymer Projects

Analysis Of CPVC Material Properties Exposed To Different Chemicals
Analysis Of Failed CPVC Piping Used In a Brine Concentrator Unit
Failure Analysis Of Polysulfone Tubes Used In Filtering Fruit Juices
Analysis Of Failed Vespel Seals Used In a Critical Valve Assembly
Analysis Of Viton & Teflon Encapsulated Failed O-Rings Used In Chemical Processing Plants
Analysis Of Failed Sealant for Joining Cement Blocks
Analysis Of Wear & Failure On Plastic Shoes Of Plungers Used In Automotive Valve Applications
Analysis Of Discoloration Of Vinyl Floor

Analysis Of Cracking Problem In Baby Wipe Warmers Made From Absorbent Material
Analysis Of Failed Buna-N O-Ring Used In Ship Propeller Hubs
Analysis Of Failed Bond Joints Between Carbon Fiber Composite Material Layers
Analysis Of Anomalies Observed In the Polymer Components Of Electrodes Used for Medical Purposes
Analysis Of Discoloration Observed On White PVC Wires Used In CPR Units
Failure Analysis Of Polyethylene (PE) Pipes Used In Ice Rink Floor In Massachusetts


Insurance Company Projects

Non-Destructive Examination Of Cracked Oil Tank Pipe Assembly
Consult On MWRA Gas Storage Membrane J3640 No Typed Report
Tank Corroded, Previously Coated With Hubbard-Hall Coating
Welded Studs On Burner Support Failed
Failure Analysis Of Polymer Meters
Collapsed Gravel Hopper
Fractured Copper Pipe
Guard Didn't Operate On Worn Saw
Failure Analysis Of Threaded Block From Magazine Tensioner
Failure Of Cable On Lift
Wire Rope & Hoist Failure
Examination Of Failed Cardiac Coils
Wooden Ladder Failure
Examination Of Welding Machine Where Worker Had Fingers Amputated

Investigation Of Failed Studs From a Tunnel Boring Machine Cutter Head Support
Inspection Of Landoll Hydraulic Drop Deck Trailer
Analysis Of Gas Riser Pipe (Propane) Involved In Explosion
Process Evaluation for Manufacturer Of Aluminum Honeycomb for Aircraft
Toilet Flood Failure - Caused Leak
Analysis Of Leaked Sweat Pipe Segment
Analysis Of Failed Kitchen Cabinets
Condition Assessments Of Piping Systems In Parking Garage Of 100 Cambridge Street, Boston
Analysis Of Failed Anchor Bolts On the Base Plate Of High Mast Light Tower
Analysis Of Solder Joint Micro Voiding Utilizing Macdermids Sterling Silver Pcbs


Law Firm Projects

Analysis Of Gas Rise Pipe (Propane) Involved In Explosion
Underground Gas Pipe Broke, Explosion Occurred
Gas Pipe Analysis Involved In Explosion At Laundromat
Tire Exploded While Being Inflated
Evaluation Collapsed Crane Pictures
Bicycle Chain Failed, Resulting In Injury
Ladder Involved In a Worker Falling & Injuring Self
Bicycle Fork Failure Caused Injury
Ski Goggles Sustained Cracked Lens, Injury
Engineering Opinion Of Failed Tree Stand Bolt
Inspection Of Truck Tire Involved In Injury Case Head
All-Terrain Vehicle Sustained Failure Resulting In Injury
Bicycle Seat Post Failed, Causing Injury
Floor Sanding Machine Caught Fire, Injured Operator
Man's Hand Caught In Conveyor
Bicycle Fork Broke At Fork Crown
Lathe Involved In Fire
Fractured Syringe Needle
Wire Rope Failed Used for Lifting a Basket With 2 Workers
Heads Popping Off Rivets From Conveyor Chain
Analysis Of Cracked Valves Of Coffee Machine
Investigation Of Possible Hypodermic Needle
Corrosion Of Coils At Philadelphia Zoo

Analysis Of Oxidation On Coil Of Cable As Part Of Accident Investigation
Inspection Of Electrical Box Involved In Fire
Inspection Of 12' Diameter Bearing On 35' Crane
Investigation Of Controls for Hot Water Heater
Reverse Engineer Failed Alloy Steel Shaft (~5 OD)
Analysis Of Two Failed Sprinkler Heads
Testing & Engineering Of Evaluation Of Baby Car Seat/Stroller
Analysis Of Fractured Cast Iron Tee Fitting
Bolt From Crane Failed
Analysis Of Railroad Rail Involved In Derailment
Threaded Block Tore From Cylinder On Magazine
Polycarbonate Material for Solar Heating Failed
Consult On Aluminum Ladder Failure
Failed Motor Shaft for Tunnel Bore Machine
Cracked 42 Butterfly Valve
Fabric Burned By Air Bag
Failure Of Metal End On Wooden Chair Leg
Leg Broke On Office Chair
Suspected Liquid Metal Embrittlement Of Thermostat
Steering Knuckle In 90 Plymouth Laser
Design & Safety Evaluation Of Folding Wood Ladder